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Header created by my awesome collaborator and friend Sebastian Boissett

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This year has been about making music that I love and working for projects that I’m inspired by.

’Gaia’ is a track from my upcoming EP. I have been playing around with the beautiful app Planetone (available in the App Store for iOS). After creating a little sequence, I took it into the studio and started building around it with a couple of different instruments.

Featured alongside Planetone are : scraps of my violin playing (!!), a caxixi, a miniature toy djembe, a classical guitar, shakers and a host of Spitfire lab patches.

It was fun to just craft a track with a minimal set of equipment, fuelled by the inspiration of all the things that I love.

The track itself is a tribute to the planet and nature. It features a few sounds from my forest walks and travels 🌿💜🎵

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Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year's celebration! Here we are in another January. It often feels like life moves by too quickly.

This month for me is about stillness and minimalism. I walk by lakes and rivers, and through silent forests. I try to listen out for nature.

The last decade has been one full of noise. It can be hard to focus and create when there is such an attack on our attention.

Whilst on a winter walk, this melody came into my head. I built up a piano sketch and here it is.... unfiltered and just straight from my piano to the web.

It's nice to create without having to worry about noise.