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I’ve been really lucky to have collaborated with some incredibly talented and kind souls.

Here are a few words from some of the creative individuals I’ve worked with ♫

Anye Chen - Director of 'Nine Coo Five' (2018)

“Collaborating with Mythili on our graduation film, Nine Coo Five, was a wonderful experience. I hadn’t previously collaborated with a composer before, but Mythili clearly knows what she is doing and I had no concerns about the music being produced to a high standard. She responded to feedback extremely well and was communicative and reliable throughout. It is clear how passionate she is about her work and she has an aptitude for producing music that hits the different emotions of the film perfectly. To work with someone with such enthusiasm was incredibly motivating for our team and to hear the animation with a score has really brought it to life.

Mythili is very talented and easy to work with, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a composer and it would be a pleasure to work with her again!”


Tal Minks - Music Lead and Team Member of 'Ukelayla' (2018)

“We can’t thank you enough for the time you took out of your busy schedule to put together a composition that captured our audience. Your quirky, cute, and skillfully composed music helped bring our audience to laughter and to tears. Your composition was iconic and unique and is still stuck in all of our heads. We hope it will be for a long time.”

Sebastian Boissett – Animator and Director of 'Apu' (2014)

“During the production stage of my animated student grad film Apu (2014), I was in need of a composer to create the musical score and was very lucky to come across the extremely talented Mythili Mahendran. The music needed to be of high quality, a specific style and completed within a certain timeframe and Mythili delivered on all accounts. I found Mythili very approachable and contacted her due to her evident musical talent and sincere motive to help others. Mythili made sure that her work was done on time and on par with my animation progress due to a tight schedule and always maintained good communication with me throughout the process. Considering the fact that she had to work with incomplete animation and a very tight timeframe, she truly proved that she could deliver a beautiful piece of work. Her musical contribution to my film was widely praised by audiences who saw the film and noted how it enhanced the story, the cultural aspect and the emotions the film evoked. Through Mythili’s musical work on the film and her supportive advice, she inspired me throughout the production process as I strived to get the film to completion. Not only did I make a truly professional partner who I undoubtedly will work with again, I also made a very good friend. Mythili was a joy to work with and I would certainly recommend her expertise in music to anyone looking for a composer”


Callie Booth – Animator and Director of 'Kimberley' (2015)

“Mythili composed the piece “A Life in Art” for my animated short “Kimberley”. She understood my project from day one and working with her was the best collaborative experience I’ve had to date. Extremely down to Earth but completely professional at the same time I never had to worry about the sound for my film as I had total faith in her. I received frequent updates during the composing process and Mythili always sought and welcomed feedback. Hearing the score being built upon with each update made me aware of just how skilled and talented a composer Mythili is. The final piece of music she produced is exactly what I hoped for and more – it turned my visuals into a coherent, moving story and I love “A Life in Art” so much that I still listen to it regularly even though my animation is long complete. Collaborating with someone who is just as passionate about your project as you are is an extremely motivating and rewarding experience. I cannot recommend Mythili enough and definitely hope to work with her again in the near future.  ”

Elroy Gopal - Technical and Level Designer on 'Heist Night' (2015)

“You fundamentally understood this idea as composer for the digital experience “Heist Night”. You understood that music is not merely an ancillary part of a video game design, but that it enhances the experience in an emotional, perhaps transcendental and timeless way. Your trust, patience and dedication for “Heist Night” affected the way we attempted to realise our vision. Your vision became our vision… your vision is our vision…. Your music is “Heist Night”. Your music will endure in my heart. Everything you did, you did for the audience, me and my fellow team members on Heist Night. You sacrificed your standard procedures and models for us, and you asked for nothing in return. A lesser human being, would have been crushed by such requests. You are the embodiment of generosity… You are a true hero. It has truly, been inspiring and an incredible honour to work with you, and I hope my testimonial is a, small, way to express my gratitude.”


Eric Sonntag - Animator and Director of 'Noob' (2014)


“Mythili and I were acquainted when a fellow classmate of mine, Sebastian Boissett, directed Mythili to my film. What followed was a most pleasant exchange of ideas. Mythili was considerate, always available to contact, always remained up to date on goings on, and provided a medley of creative ideas of how to go about handling a musical situation. A most recommended composer to work with, for certain"

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